We arrived in Dharamsala at dawn on September 5th. We were exhausted from the overnight bus that carried us along dirt roads from Delhi to Dharamsala. The bus chugged, rattled and shook for 12 hours before climbing the steep winding mountain road to this little town. We were met with a warm smile by Karma who brought to his home, fed us porridge and tea then sent us down the hill to hear to the Dalai Lama’s public talks. We were there just in time to cram into the temple yard with hundreds of Tibetans and listen to His Holiness talk about compassion.

We slept for a solid day before beginning our work at Lha. Lha is a Tibetan run community center in the heart of town. Their website is www.lhaindia.org. At Lha we have been teaching photo and English.

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Billy-Bob said...

That bus ride to McLeod Ganj sucks. Going down is even worse as the drivers go so fast. Amanda got really sick. They aren't dirt roads though, it is actually tarmac.

Have a great time. Go to JJI Cafe and get a farmers breakfast (they are the best eggs in town!!), and say hello to Nyima-la (she'll teach you Tibetan too!) Eat a great curry at Malabar, and say hello to Pintu for us. Have a few bears at India House and tip Tilak well!

I am so jealous. I wish I was out there too. Have fun, and keep us posted!