Apologies for the long silence. We weren’t able to update the blog during the Tibet trip because blogspot is banned in China, as is wikipedia. Over next couple of days we are going to blaze a path from Katmandu, our current location, to Dharamsala. After our back-to-back overnight train and bus rides, we’ll post fuller more detailed stories from Tibet.

For now a few numbers from our trip to Riwoche in Eastern Tibet.

Number of mountain passes: 6

Number of times the river changed directions: 8

Number of prostrating pilgrims: 392

Youngest pilgrim: 10

Number of police car rides: 1

Number of visits with the police: 5

Number of visits with National Security: 2

Number of hitchhikers we picked up: 2

Number of creeks forded: 13

Number of foxes: 6

Number of yaks: ???