Lumbini Peace Pagoda

Behind me in this photo is the Peace Pagoda in Lumbini, Nepal the birthplace of Buddha. In Grafton, NY, two towns north of where I grew up, there is another Peace Pagoda built by the same monastic order. The Grafton Peace Pagoda and Jun-san, the amazing nun who maintains it, introduced me to Buddhism. The rituals and aesthetics of her order are the most comfortable for me. I was thrilled to see something familiar in Lumbini, a small town filled with Buddhist monasteries and temples from all over the world, each with their own style.

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Isabel said...

First of all, thanks for this blog that keeps us joint in the distance and makes us feel Asia's realities a bit closer.
For me it has been also amazing to see you with the Lumbini Peace Pagoda, same style as the one in Grafton.
Take care and enjoy your time in Tibet!
I am just looking forward to reading more stories, seing more pictures and listening to Asia's sounds!