Our Time in Tibet

Tues Oct 2
Kathmandu - Zhangmu (7546ft)
Hours of suspense on the Friendship Bridge.

Wed Oct 3 Zhangmu - Lhatse (13,287ft)
Sneak past checkpoint. Tea in Tingri. Glimpse Mt. Everest.

Thurs Oct 4 Lhatse - Shigatse (12,795ft)
Tashilhunpo Monastery and the world's youngest political prisoner.

Fri Oct 5 Shigatse - Gyantse (12,959ft)
Anti-British Imperialist Museum & Secret Temples in the Old Fort.

Sat Oct 6 Gyantse to Lhasa (11,795ft)
Shorcut through Tibetan desert.

Sun Oct 7 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Pilgrims & Politics at Johkang and Potala Palace.

Mon Oct 8 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Zoe's birthday beads at Drepung Monastery. Monks debate at Sera.

Tues Oct 9 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Saying goodby to our Mexican, Polish and Danish travel companions.

Wed Oct 10 Lhasa to Nam Tso (15,479ft)
Zami & the 2nd highest lake in the world.

Thurs Oct 11 Nam Tso to Lhasa (11,795ft)
Nomads, sunburns and altitude sickness.

Fri Oct 12 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Street food in Tibet's back alleys.

Sat Oct 13 Lhasa - Ganden Monastery (14,764)
Rebirth & Sky Burial.

Sun Oct 14 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Waiting for permits to go east.

Mon Oct 15 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Chinese police and propaganda during the National Congress meeting.

Tues Oct 16 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Sweet tea and yak noodle soup in a Tibetan caffeteria.

Wed Oct 17 Lhasa - Sok (14,764ft)
Dalai Lama recieves Congressional Gold Medal from USA.
Tibetans celebrate in the streets despite China's threats.

Thurs Oct 18 Sok - Riwoche (11,467ft)
Restricted regions and police visits.

Fri Oct 19 Riwoche - Tengchen (13,780)
Receiving cameras and Tibetan hopitality.

Sat Oct 20 Tengchen - Nagchu (14,764ft)
Government-run hotels and constant police visits.

Sun Oct 21 Nachu - Lhasa (11,795ft)
Road side momos and black-necked cranes.

Mon Oct 22 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Sick from Nagchu.

Tues Oct 23 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Zoe: Still sick. Justin: Discovering Xianxian street kabobs.

Wed Oct 24 Lhasa (11,795ft)
Joining the Chinese hipster bus.

Thurs Oct 25 Lhasa - Shigatse (12,795ft)
Getting kicked off the Chinese hipster bus.

Fri Oct 26 Shigatse - Zhangmu (7546ft)
Pasan to the rescue: Rush to the border.

Sat Oct 27 Zhengmu - Kathmandu (4383ft)
Smuggling cameras through customs.

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