nick said...

these blues are unreal, man.

aykayem said...

This blue sea looks amazing ... my first thought was "I wish I had the money to go there" ... but then I thought - at least I live in my own country and I am free, and I have money for food ... and a lot of other things ... so I really am lucky (funny/odd how one thinks ones life/job/etc is bad, then finds out about people who are way worse off - kind of puts it all in perspective - compared to these people I have NOTHING to complain about!)
btw - i was going to comment about Lahmo's photos - saw her photo of a golden retriever, and what she wrote - and felt a real connection - we have one too - looks just like the one in the photo ( I guess that is not hard seeing it is just a photo from behind - lol) ... but yes - that breed is very clever/intelligent ... they are so "human" that if I don't get to come back as a human in my next life - then I want to be a Golden Retriever ... or maybe a pelican (I love the sea,and I would love to be able to fly)... I can't decide which! LOL