Cyclone Nargis

We've received lots of concerned emails over the last few days and wanted to let everyone know we're fine. Here in Mae Sot we had a few days of heavy rain but nothing more. Our housemate works at the a local refugee hospital called Dr. Cynthia's Clinic and she hasn't seen any patients yet from the cyclone. She said they might start seeing cyclone victims in a few weeks. Travel is slow in Southeast Burma and it will take people a while to get to the border.

As for us, we are just finishing up our project with Karen refugees. If you get a chance check out: UnseenMaeLa.blogspot.com We're still working out a few kinks.

For more info and news articles about Cyclone Nargis and how you can help check out this site our friend Karen Zraick made: http://burmaemergency.wordpress.com/

Lots of love,
Zoe & Justin


Steve Ballmer said...

tragic situation there, people need to remember all of those affected in their prayers and gifts!

KZ said...

ah, well then disregard my last worried email. thanks for the link!

KZ said...

and also, made the blog with my two lovely partners lam vo and divya gupta ;)